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Welcome to Our Gang's Blog, where everything isn't always perfect, eclectic is lifestyle, personalities clash, but life is still amazing. Where struggles are real, family is a blessing, and happiness is made. We are not perfect, just amazingly genuine.  

The views and expressions on this page are my own and may cause controversy or pique many. My writing is random & about my diabetes fight; as well as other illnesses in my family. We love adventure, we homeschool, & we are realist. 

I founded Our Gang's Blog to show real family stories. The heartbreaking, angry, and exceptional.  Here, at Wackidawen, we know parenting isn't perfect, neither are kids, & struggles are real, but so are the amazing adventures along the way.

Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, & watch our funny, kid videos. We're glad your here.


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