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Just Stop

This post will more than likely make many people angry. I don't care. Because if your angry at my words, you know your wrong.

If you are protesting peacefully then; "May all your words and concerns be heard."

For all the looters, destroyers of property, bullies, psychos, and murderers; May your crimes come back to you ten fold."

This goes for the media, journalists, public personalities and public officials that condone this asinine behavior.

I will never agree with the violence, degradation of ANY PEOPLE, or destruction that is happening in our world (in this country) for any reason.

No one can change the world or make change with violence and hate. You make change by changing minds, policies, laws or politicians. All the eradication and decimation does not find peace, justice, or solutions to any problem. You only grow hate.

Only a weak and ignorant person would follow criminal behavior and call it "JUSTICE." Apparently your needing a lot of attention to jump on that wagon.

When riots and rioters destroy property, they hurt EVERYONE.

And I hate it for all you people that are on the Black lives matter thread, but EVERY LIFE MATTERS. I don't think your life is any more important than any other race that has been unjustly imprisoned, beat, bullied, hurt, or murdered just because your black. You aren't the only color in the skittles bag. Everyone is just as important. Your not the only ones abused.

It's bullcrap to say a white person gets treated any different than black. Not in 2020. Because I can promise you if I break the law, I will be arrested.

Any race can be racist. I've dealt with racism against my family and myself because I'm white and my husband and children are not. Racism inflicted by Black and Hispanic. Does that make it OK? No it does not. Where is my white privilege you speak of? If I start "WET"; White Entertainment Television; is that OK? Apparently not. But BET; Black Entertainment Television is? It shouldn't be. Fair is fair. Stop creating seperation.

I never had a slave and I don't know any living human (from pre civil war) that was one. I know there are people sold and held as slaves in every race around the world but, that's not this story.

The past is the past. It happened and it's over. You can't change it. Stop trying. You can change the present for a better future. The world is a great place if we stop putting walls between races.

There are very few bad seeds that CAN be replaced or punished; through the JUSTICE SYSTEM, PEACEFUL PROTEST, and VOTING. All Legal. Not by violence.

No life is anymore important than another. Including Black lives. And I'm still looking for my White privilege. If you find it, PLEASE, by all means bring it to me. I could use some privileges.

So for all the people that are protesting peacefully against the brutality of a FEW UNION cops or any other public official that needs correction or replacement, I know your journey will end with success.

For everyone else, JUST STOP.

Martin Luther KingJr. (1929–1968) used the phrase when saying: Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. ... Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate.



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