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Family Quotes

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Never let a man bring you flowers unless he's giving you the yard to go with them.

No flowers without yard to go with.

Don't seek greener grass on the other side of your fence. That grass drys and browns just the same. Sometimes worse.

Greener Grass is not Real.

Never look a gift-horse in the eye and tell it no. Next time it will deliver grief.

Gifts are exactly that. A gift.

Laugh and smile as often as you can. One day you won't.

Smile! No one likes an Ogre.

Make sure you plant as many memory seeds as possible; you'll want your bloomin stories told right when your gone.

Stories last centuries!

Family is always first. Everyone else has to get in line to bleed you. Don't dig to deep in pockets you know you'll have to sew.

Family First

Always remember love is unconditional. When conditions are set teams are created and someone will always lose.

Grow Your Roots

Grow your roots deep. They'll be safe in any storm.

Family Quotes are a great way to remember everyone. Share yours.

Grow your roots deep; they'll be safe in any storm.

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