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June 30, 2018


I know we all believe are parents are the greatest people ever to live, and mine are no exception.

I could never in a million millennium tell them how much they mean to me.  To all of us. Nothing I do could ever be enough to show them the love and gratitude I hold for them. 

A typical insignificant day becomes extraordinary, with a barbecue, family holiday, or the celebration of a new family members. However, with the exceptional they are also privy to sorrow. They emerge like rays of hope for those that are sick, and for the families touched by death. Even at the peril of their own health. They never fail to teach and demonstrate empathy. 

There kindness is not limited to family. Friends and strangers have been participants to the compassion of my parents.  Giving someone an opportunity out of kindness is hardwired in both my Mom and Dad. My father would give everything away if it benefited someone more. Thank goodness he has my Mom to keep the balance and the roof!  For Dad, working in the great outdoors still to this day; at 74; is preferable to life indoors. How he tolerates the heat I will never know. He is an amazing man. She is an amazing woman.

My Mom and Dad inculcate their children with moral values such as, you can't buy love, nor can material things replace it. Life is precious and grudges are a cancer. Family is important and we should hold every moment precious. Hatred is not allowed and we forgive and forget however, we are not perfect. It does take some longer than others but in the end we know our family values.

My Mom and Dad have truly been the backbone of this family. I can't imagine life in this universe where the gratuitous nature of these two wasn't present. 

So for you Mom and Dad, as well as all the parents out there like you. Thank You! Thank you for making me who I am. Thank you for the chances and fails. Thank you for the support and the shoulders. Thank you for the tears and the long hours of work. Thank you for the family. Thank you for loving me. It will never be enough, but simply Thank You.

I love you, always. 





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