A Multiracial family living in a opprobrious community.

June 30, 2018


My family and I moved to the most beautiful and friendly small town. We had found Mayberry for real or so we thought. Everyone seemed friendly, kind, and genuinely concerned for the welfare of one another; but that all changed the moment we were settled in.  

Sometimes in small towns if you were not born and raised there, you are an outsider. If your not in the Church social click, you are an outsider. Really it does not matter what Church or affiliation you join, your still an outsider. If you dress different or speak out against the town injustice, you are an outsider. 

I guess what I came to realize later was that sometimes; no matter what you do; some people are just going to have Antipathy for you. Its thier intention to inject a lugubrious emotion within you and they are good at their job.


We put our children in the public city school's and were educated quickly on the meaning of enmity.

The teachers were never kind. Not from day one. They grew more vitriolic as days passed and I made inquiries (politely) into the animosity toward my children. Two teacher's were so angry one called  my son stupid while on recording and another smashed 30 cupcakes I sent for his class party then sent them home with him. I suppose it was a warning to stop protesting the bullying. 

Thier aversion to us accelerated quickly and spilled over onto the students in the class. Bullying was ignored completly which I recorded on more than one occasion. 

A child at my daughter's school; during PE playing soccer; broke her leg. A TEACHER; while my child cried and begged for help because the pain was so excruciating; told a nine (9) year old little girl to suck it up and walk back to class which she did as best she could. This caused the leg to break in two (2) more places. I was notified three (3) hours latter. The Justice system did not work in my favor. I went through all the right laws and channels seeking justice but these teacher's were not dismissed only relocated to other classrooms and school's in district. 


We sat our children down and spoke with them about malignity. How people hated Jesus so much they made him carry his own wood; walking the way of grief and suffering; to Calvary where he would die. So if Jesus suffered that we could surely suffer a town filled with ignorance. We told them how these kinds of people fear great things and great people and they ("Our Gang"); our children; are the greatest people. We explained that great people; like "our gang"; would always face people of malice, and despotism. These people are Bullies plain and simple. Because of fear these people would try to control and subdue with totalitarianism. Our children understand that "hate is NOT on the plate" and because we do not know the circumstances of other people's lives we do not hold grudges or bow to anger we just pray they find peace.

We spoke of how to alleviate some of their nefarious behavior; that with a big smile, kindness, love in your heart for everyone and forgiveness fascism can't endure. 

We homeschool our children now and it has been the best decision; we as a family; have made.


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