Free Movies For Kids

June 30, 2018



I see all these websites and blogs letting you know about good movie apps for children and some are free.

However, for ever one you will need internet, or cable television. Then some of the "free" ones want you to sign up for stuff that will forever plague you. This is a dilemma I know all to well.

You do have the option of Redbox which now streams; but that cost twice as much as the DVD from the box. Still your paying out.

Netflix, Hulu and Vudu among other, require a subscription and do need to be monitored. Lets face it; their fingers will wander if the eyes are tempted. 

So where can you go and get good movies for your children for free? 

Your local LIBRARY! They will allow you to check out several movies and keep them for up to seven (7) days.  They also have movie's for parents. 

So the next time you want movie night check out your local Library.


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