WE Know Aortic Dissection

July 14, 2018

When Wren had his dissection our little world turned upside down. It set off a whole chain of cataclysmic events in our lives. 

He was in the hospital on two (2) seperate occasions that totaled over (2) two month's. He endured a gurgling surgery led by an incredible surgeon and we felt blessed to have "Papa" alive. We knew the very labored, long road ahead of us, but we were glad to have that road before us at all.

He had; still has; many doctors that were ambiguous about his condition and the out come, but we were consistent with his care.

The Corporation he worked for decided on a mutual; meaning no choice; resignation due to a "right to work" law which enabled the insurance company; supplied by the Corporation; to cancel us.

With medical bills increasing along with the prescriptions; every new medication more than the one before; we watched our finances dwindle. We were concerned about our children, saving our home and a variety of other issues facing us. We had already been paying a prodigious amount for my radiation and chemotherapy from breast cancer. The malfeasance of our plight was an emotional dysphoria and disquietude, but as a united family we tried to alliviate the encumbrance. Disease will not show odium or bias; it's the antithesis. It surmounts an attack on any living person or thing and the invasion is inexorable.

When a family member is hit with an illness it's daunting. When it strikes two members consecutively; as it did us with the dissection and cancer; you are stripped bare of any rudimentary thinking. Life becomes all to precious and the portent and auspice of last chance is all to real. 

We are so thankful to family and friends for their help and support during this time. Although we are not yet out of the bleakness we are recovering.

We have not succumbed to our illnesses and; Lord willing; we will not anytime soon. Be prepared for anything because we ALL think we are related to Superman until tragedy strikes and we aren't. Have a back up plan. Save money for disaster because when Villainy hits it devastating.

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