I'm Not Angry Anymore or AnyLess

July 21, 2018

Im Angry and I’m going to tell you the way I; and over half the world; feel when it comes to illness or death or even planning an inevitable death. Everyone says “I'm sorry you hurt,” “I'm sorry your going through this,” or “I'm so sorry for your loss,” but the grief stricken DO NOT care about your sorrow. They carry enough of their own. Keep yours. 

Telling parents who loose a child, a person who lost their spouse, or someone suffering disease “your sorry” is like a slap in the face. Instead try “can I cry with you,” “scream with you”,” FIGHT with you”? And then always my favorite; “Hey! Do you know I love you? Well I do!”
Try to remember, SOMETIMES sorry doesn't help. Sometimes sorry should be silently understood.
Diseases sucks. Illness hurts. You dont sit and ponder your existence if your ill or rise to ANY occasion if you have suffered loss of a loved one; you scream, cry, blame people, things, and Especially GOD. Even though we know GOD had no hand in our sorrow; look South for blame not up. 

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