Dear Facebook Diary

July 22, 2018



No matter who you are or what you do in this world ninety percent of you are on Facebook. Out of those ninety percent eighty five view Facebook as their personal diary. You post everything in your entire life that happens to you or anyone else on Social Media Sites. 

Social Media has become a way to connect with millions of people in this world. However, we need to remember to connect personally to the few that matter the most to us. Like family and friends.

As a blogger I understand the importance of a post but I also understand the importance of family. I don't want to be remembered for pictures I post only the lovely lives I touched. 

My family is my life. I'm sure that's the case for most people and if not I'm saddened for you because as we grow old we understand the meaning of family. Every precious moment of concern or comfort becomes a life line you never knew you needed. For our own mental health having family around; no matter how chaotic it becomes; is the best medicine you can receive. Everyone should have a family lifeline because Facebook nor Social Media will come to your aid. 

So remember family first. Take time for the little ones and make the memories Social Media WILL NEVER FEEL.



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