We Are Hearing Impaired..Nicki's Story

July 24, 2018


Some learn sign language, some learn to read lips. For me I never took to sign language so reading lips sorta became my thing and I became good at it. However, you are always going to run into those people that speak with their lips pursed or who are always turning their head so you can't read them. At those times "sign" would have come in handy.

There are so many things I've missed out on because I can't hear; even with hearing aids which are a big help;  

and I will never hear normal. As a child it was hard; children can be so cruel and hateful; with all the name calling and mean words I'd find myself in the bathroom crying a lot. You have to understand that with hearing impairment comes speech impairment as well and anything people can find fault with they will.

As an adult most people felt I was limited in what I could do in life because I couldn't hear; I struggled to hear like they did and my hearing aids were in. It was like I was always breaking my back to prove I was just as good as they were, just as capable, and never limited.


It took me along time to realize no one can hold me back from anything I want to achieve; no one can stop me but me. My trials may be harder and the struggles may seem longer, but I and all hearing impaired can accomplish anything; everything.

Being hearing impaired is hard because we're challenged more; we're different, but more challenges make us stronger, successful people and there's something very special about being different. 

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