Kidney Cancer 'Could' Kill

July 25, 2018



I say Kidney Cancer 'Could' Kill because our family will move heaven and earth to fight disease. 

My father was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma (Kidney Cancer); there was no cure for his Cancer but surgery. The worry it placed on my mother and the years it aged them both was immense. The pain my father endured was violent.

There is nothing you can do but love them; as if you didn't already. Now it seems you need them to know how much you love them.

Then, a very wonderful doctor performed my fathers surgery and he is still with us years later. Make no mistake, great physicians are important; do your homework. However, at the time surgery was not a cure; it was only one solution to his problem. The only solution at the time. We had no idea if it was going to get all of the cancer, or if the cancer would return and spread. These are things you have to think about. Things that make you delve deep into other forms of medicine. My mother and father certainly did.

People always asked at first "how is he doing?, Is he alright?", but over the years they just came to believe this man would out live most things. Why? Because he's champion. He firmly believes in family, his family loves him, and he IS a Fighter.

He and my mother stand behind their belief in home remedies and believe me when I tell you they work. My favorite although I hate it is eating raw beets. Get organic ones with no pesticides and chow down. They taste like dirt; Momma says; but sure can kick cancers butt. 

I'm thankful my Father and Mother are good with homeopathic remedies like my grandmother. Maybe if more people listed to the old ways we were taught we wouldn't find ourselves as sick.

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