A Job For Stevie. We need to Laugh

July 30, 2018


Yesterday my post was for everyone in the world who is experiencing some type of heavy emotion or problems that they feel for one reason or another is directed at them personally. 

Today I write about one little lady. A lady named Stevie, and all though her name sounds strong she is feeling overwhelmed also. 

She is trying to find a new job because; after several years of working for her boyfriend; Stephen has terminated her employment. Yes that's right. Her boyfriend whom she worked for fired her.

It does not matter that she didn't show up for work until 1 or 2 o'clock everyday or that she had to leave early constantly due to....what ever. She came in almost everyday and looking good. Ready to work for a few; maybe 2 hours; at least. 

 She needed that job! Could he not see that there was nothing to do there but make friends and lets face it there are only so many friends you can make in a 3 x 3 cubical. Really, what was Stephen thinking? She worked hard for that job and made others work hard at her job. That takes talent and should be recognized.

Now some may scream "Stephen's lives matter" and "Justice for Stephen" but should they? I mean of course Stephen's lives matter but Justice for Stephen? I think not! Where was the Justice for Stevie. 

Anyway, she will find work; certain jobs restricted of course; and the world will be set right again. 



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