Our Ears Are Pierced

August 6, 2018



Getting your ears pierced is so exciting, but beauty does come with some pain as these beautiful ladies can tell you.

From eyebrow shaping, waxing, to surgery; people will find a way to look their absolute best. Its also the reason makeup will always be in high demand.
My Aunt used to tell us beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes all the way to the bone and it's true.
So make sure when your trying to achieve that outer perfection; your call of the exigency; not to forget who you really are.
The people who really love you and who will love you do not care about how much you think you can improve, nor do they care what you look like when the paint is off and the real you steps from behind the curtain.
It's hard to be ourselves sometimes, but my people are Crazy Beautiful, Crazy, Fighting Illnesses, Struggling with Loss, Overweight or Underweight, Worried, Happy, Kind or Not Kind Enough, but always; and I mean always; Themselves. Really, who else would you rather be? Your Wonderful and their is no one else like you!
If your beautiful on the inside then it will certainly manifest all the way through to the outside.

Just like the impeccable beauty; inside and out; of these incredible little ladies.

 A little sparkle on the ears, a twinkle in their eyes and the world is at their feet.
Stay simply beautiful!


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