Never Back

August 13, 2018

I hear stories all the time of someone wishing they could go back in time and do something different. Make changes to their life for the better; maybe finish something incomplete. Correct a mistake they think they made.

I would never want to go back; no matter the outcome. 

I love my children and I would never want to risk their loss. Watching these kids is the best part of my life. 

We may not have the perfect life; we have our struggles like everyone else, but I'm content with the past, and excited to see what comes next because our future is anything we make of it. 

No one has the perfect life and we can spend our whole lives wishing we had one, but how about we don't? How about being happy, and making your own happiness with the life you chose, or the life you are living. 

Don't spend your time in the past; it's gone, and if you spend to much time there you'll be gone too. Exceed in your future. Write your own story.

What does HAPPINESS mean to you?

To me happiness is:



 Apologize; To each other!





Sacrifice; I shouldn't have to say this but not your children.









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