What the What?

August 22, 2018



Today is sort of a bad day for me. Or it was. 

I went to the restroom today; being sick and when I came out I told AppleJac and Arrow "well, I'm getting older and that trip to the restroom really made me think about how you come in and out of this world" AppleJac asked what I was talking about. 

I said "you come in this world with someone wiping your butt and you leave the same way. So be prepared my little soliders to take care of my booty. I have requirements." I smiled. 

AppleJac said "thats Tori and Stevie's Job" and Arrow agreed.


I told them "Tori and Stevie abandoned there post and went A wall. That makes the two of you all thats left of the troops."

AppleJac said "Then you need to bring in more troops."





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