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August 27, 2018



Today my family and I went to Barnsley Garden's and Resort.

The ruins of the old house were imposing as we entered what once was a grand foyer that must have received hundreds of guest.

I'm sure all rooms in the manor house were once immaculate.

The Oak Tree's were massive; the branches reached out like huge arms ready to envelop and hug you.

The valt in the house must have hid great treasures.

The garden in front of the house called the Parterre Garden held the most beautiful plants and shrubs.

The colors were fantastic and so pleasing to the eye.

I could picture ladies with their beautiful gowns and gentlemen in their fancy suits walking through the same paths we took.

Like ghosts of the past.

The Small Pond in the middle accommodates the large Italian Fountain just perfect.

The whole garden must have been something to behold from the second floor windows.

 Over 3000 incredible acres complete with family cemetery.

 This is truly an adventure to remember and a outdoor or historian lovers dream.

Don't forget I said resort.

That means restaurant's, spa, golf, shooting club, horseback riding, and so much more.

With the large fields that seem to go on for ever, kids waste no time burning that energy. 

I hope you take a trip and visit. You'll be glad you did.
















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