Beware of Biyule

August 26, 2018


When your picking a 4 year old up from school and have mechanical problems with a vehicle, don't expect them to sympathize. They don't care that your having issues, or that you just walked 15 minutes to pick them up, they just notice that there is no car and "we're" 🚶walking. 

My niece Nicki found out the hard way on her 15 minute; as she called it; walk of shame after picking up Biyule.

Bu did not care that the car was mechanically challenged, she cared she had to walk. 

The school also gives milk away for free on certain days if they have to much and she walked with a gallon of milk and Bu.

So as Nicki walked with milk in one hand; Bu in tow; her four year old daughter continued to chastise her on her lack of vehicle.

Of course her Dad came with a car to save the day and Bu felt saved.

Nicki explained to Biyule that she did not have to tell everyone at school what happened and to please keep quiet. Keep the secret. 

Next day, Nicki is picking Bu up from class, and Bu speaks loud as she can for everyone to hear, " Mommy, I didn't tell anyone about our car and walking. I keept the secret!"

Nicki once again does her "walk of shame." Only this time with 3 gallons of milk. 


Moral: If someone is offering FREE milk, take it. Free is rare.

Also, kids are going to tell it. So if there is something you don't want published, keep it from them. Children are giant 👂 ears. Even when you think they can't hear, they can.

Stop getting embarrassed with small children. Their cute. The embarrassment comes when their older. That's not cute.

Relax and laugh about the crazy. When Nicki told me this story (and their is so much more to it) I laughed so hard I choked. 

Laugh so hard your sides ache!

What a wonderful feeling.







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