August 29, 2018

My mother is amazing. 

She has a recipe or poultice that will work for any illness. 

She will go any distance to make sure the lives of her children are fantastic. 

She and my dad never fail to repetitiously invite family over for get-togethers so we never forget FAMILY FIRST.

She; along with my dad; have done wonderful things for alot of people.


However, she must get mind numbing board at night because she sends me some of the craziest sh@$ on facebook and I find myself straightening my glasses several times to keep them from falling askew. 

Things that make you say "What the What?", and make you ask, "What the heck did I just watch?"

You can't help but laugh at some of it and wonder what the people filming were thinking.

So grab your coffee; Naughty is the New Nice; tell everyone to 

and watch the video's because laughter keeps us alive.


Thanks for the laughs Mom! There needed.

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