Labor Day!

September 1, 2018





Well, I so love @groupon because the deals just keep on coming crazy cheep.  

There is a 100% cash back groupon for @DunkinDonuts up to 3 dollars. That's half a dozen 🍩 donuts. 

For the weekend traveler, a visit to the Marietta Dinner is a must. The prices are reasonable and the portions are large. Not to mention the Spanakopita and fresh bread you get for an appetizer complementary with every meal.

 The oldies theme and 🎶 music creates the perfect atmosphere.

If you have room for dessert; or want to take some home;

you're tummy will thank you for the Marietta Dinner. Their desserts are out of this world.

You may have to exercise a few extra minutes but its worth it!

You really can't beat it for a family night out.






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