Father / Son Day

September 5, 2018

 Wren and Arrow enjoyed a day that Arrow has been looking forward to for a long time. I hope they get to repeat it often. Best Day Ever! 

 Wren took Arrow to Hooters!

 He was so excited. Wren said he was on his best behavior; which makes me so proud. Having a child with ADHD can be challenging but I think that goals give them purpose and help them focus.

This was one of Arrow's goals. 

 I'm so proud of him. He was such a gentlemen. He told me the waitress handed him the menu and he wished she would have handed him her phone number.

Of course I explained how that would take a few years.

He told me "I'm a patient man." 

 Then he ruined everything by adding "It will give me time to work on my skills." And he winked at me! 

After my "Excuse me!?" he explained he was only kidding but I'm not buying it.







Wren said they enjoyed the meal; which was burgers and wings; and Arrow thought he was part of some secret club.







I think all children should have a parent day out, alone. It allows them to talk and connect one on one. Without being interrupted by another child.


Maybe there is something in the term Divide and Conquer.

Ha Ha. 







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