Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

September 8, 2018

WOW! How to explain caffeine high with no bathroom breaks 

or the coyote & road runner on a six pack of @MonsterEnergy drinks.

You'll just have to picture it. 

When a child has ADHD they are constantly hungry; probably from all the movin and grovin they do. 

Sometimes I just stand still and think; Gods got jokes.

Be good to your parents children. 


ADHD is a real disease that is linked to changes in the brains production of the chemical dopamine.

ADHD affects around 2 million children in the United States. 

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) usually begins in childhood. Some of the symptoms are lack of attention, distraction, impulsiveness, hyperactivity and they are not able to control their behavior.

They; though no fault of their own; say or do things without thinking it out clearly first. This can cause problems in social and public settings. Children with ADHD usually have problems at school, home, social functions and public in general. It's estimated that around 30 to 70 percent of children with ADHD still have it as an adult or have symptoms of it. 

Children and Adults with ADHD are chronic procrastinators. I promise; unless you have ADHD too; you will wear out before they do.

I'm NOT gonna play Sweet Mary. I have my days where I just have to look at him and he knows to RUN.

Now for the kicker. 

How do they treat it? Well, with different medications and counseling. Different doctors have different advise. I recommend doing your own research. 

I myself; having been down this road before; disagree with medication. 

Please remember these are my views and I have a 33 year old daughter with ADHD.

"I" feel like medication is a bad idea and just sedates children. It causes unresponsive behavior and to "me" POD PEOPLE. 

If you feel counseling works; I think that's great too. 

For us; then and now; our children need outlets. Things to focus on and wear them down. 

Arrow does great after a day at the park, karate, hiking at the mountain or learning games that challenge his mental focus train.

Tori did great after a day at the mountain hiking or swimming.

Complaining and smart alek comments are complimentary.

The wear down works for us. We go from hyperspace; and damage control;


to repose. We "DO NOT" poke the bear.


Research and talk with your doctor. You know your child and I'm sure you can figure out the best avenue for your family.











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