The Road Less Traveled

September 12, 2018


Life is so fun as kids. 

We can throw all our cares to the wind.

We play in an amazing circle of fun,

friends, and family.

 We are aware of life dangers

and forgetful just as quick when 

 the fun out weighs the danger.

We know the path to fun

usually leads to the park or friends.

Happiness is anything we make it; till mom finds out.


Then like everyone, we pay the price for getting in trouble.

But, at some point we have to grow up. Even the caterpillar must change.

It doesn't mean we have to stop living or fun must cease. It just means choices are different now and our responsibilities are different. We have to choose a path in life.

Don't wish for thing's in your life to happen; make them happen. 

Mom shouldn't drive your life now; you should.

And at some point you'll be faced with the question, "Which path do I take?"

What will be your answer?

I hope you choose your own. 







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