Skating (Homeschool)

September 30, 2018



We took the children for homeschool skate day last week.

 There was a great turn out and the kids made some new friends.

 Arrow was such a great little man. Trying to help everyone even when he was having trouble too.

He got 4 or more walkers throughout the day. All for little kids struggling; as he was; to find their feet.

Although she was shaky, AppleJac did her best helping children too.

This is a great way for home school kids to get together and socialize with other children.


It also wears mine out.

This is a true example of;

You will fall, and you will fail, 

You will get up; throw that one up to God; and you may fall and fail again. Throw it up to God. 



Because with perseverance and determination comes success.


The next time you will stand tall and you've won.   

Then throw it up to God and give thanks.  

 Your Superior, Row! 

 Jac, your Absolutely Fabulous! 

 I love all you kids Mostest Ghostest!

I love home school, being free to teach my children in my own fashion, and I love the safety of my home. 

I love these babes and I'm sure you love yours.

Whether you home school or not, be sure to spend time with your children. 

There is no greater love than that of a child. 

Biological, Adopted, or Foster, a child's love is Grand.



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