Sleepy Hollow Farm

September 28, 2018



Sleepy Hollow Farm was a homeschool field trip

that did not have the hay ride as posted. That's all I'm going to say about that.

You will pay a cover charge per person to get in and then the other activities; such as ceramic painting;



etc., are extra. Bring some cash.

They have a playground for the smaller children,




that includes a corn box.

Sunshine liked the corn, but not the extreme activity from the boys.

Arrow was burring his burdens, and

knee deep in it.

There are a couple of things for older kids to play, also.

 Pumpkin Checkers and

 Pumpkin Tic, Tac, Toe.






Cheeky and AppleJac walked the tight rope. Shaky beats.

AppleJac and Arrow played a deadly game of Argonauts with the jousting pads.

AppleJac won; this time. Mu ha ha ha.

There was a petting zoo. Which is not good for children with asthma! We; knowing we were going to a farm; were so "pre"-prepared. 

The children are animal magnets.

What the What?

Animal magnetism.

Or maybe they are looking for the food.


AppleJac wanted a pet. 

Cannon loved all the animals.

Arrow enjoyed being able to run.

Wren and I were feeling the heat and the dust. 

She wanted to be the pink pig. It's all about PINK.

Sunshine loved the baby rabbits. 

There were goats, pigs, 2 ponies and baby rabbits. Your not allowed to hold the rabbits. We learned after the kids picked them up, and you are not allowed in the ring with the ponies. You can pet them through the gate only.  

Arrow looked at the animals but I think he enjoyed the corn more.

There was an activity called Escape Woods,

however it's an extra charge.

We went through it for free because no one was at the gate when we went in

so we thought it was part of the playground. 

I would not pay to do what we did.


We ended our trip with the sunflower field;

mainly for me; and of course the Corn Maze

because, we have the Children Of The Corn. 






 Field trip 3. We had a Great day!





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