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October 5, 2018

AppleJac decided she wanted black hair because "mixed chicks" do not look good blonde.


I think she looks good with her own hair color but the black was cute. 

I thought it would be a short run, but I was wrong. It's October though, so I'll survive it.


If she likes it, I'll figure it out; for awhile.

She's growing to fast.



and Sunshine,


decided they wanted a change too.

Thank goodness theirs was short lived.


They enjoyed theirs for a few hours, then both girls were over the scratchy feeling. They looked so very beautiful.


AppleJac decided she was going to have black, straight, hair for a while.


She is beautiful. 


Wren decided he would help her out. He is bald. 


Their crazy. I love it.


These are wigs of all #Disney Princesses; given to the girls by their very talented cousin, Sierra.

Arrow and I decided to "leave go" and fly natural.


This is random. Took a picture of this guy. 

He's just always looking at me.

Now he can look at you too.


Wigs are great. You can change hair color, and style as often as you want, and you don't have to destroy your own hair.


Play Fun!





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