Beignets! Not Cafe Du Monde, but still beignets!

October 5, 2018

If you have ever been or lived in New Orleans, then you know that #CafeDuMonde is the place to go for beignets. There is nothing like them in the United States. 

I had no idea there was a place in the small town of Cartersville, Georgia to get beignets, and we have been back and forth to that location for years.

#Nola'sBakery did a pretty good job with the french pastry. The beignets were wonderful and the kids loved the confectioners sugar. 

The ambiance was nice, and reminded me of New Orleans.

You get three (3) beignets per order, and it's $ 3.00 per order. There's chickery coffee too.

This was such a wonderful breakfast surprise for our family. We had an amazing time.

Just another perk to homeschool.

Teaching Culture and Social Studies. Tasting foods from around the 






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