It's Our Anniversary!

October 6, 2018


It's our anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Us! Twelve years together.

As we do every year, we share it with our children,

the comedian's.

We went to eat at a great little cafe called #Jefferson's in downtown Cartersville, Georgia.

It's a great place to eat sandwich's, burgers, or wings.

The food is awesome and the comfortable, family atmosphere lets you settle right in.

This little sports bar/cafe is popular because the food is tasty, it's geared mostly to family's, and it has a theme or main attraction that keeps people coming.

The walls are covered in dollar bills. Customers over the years have one by one pinned their dollar to the walls. Anyone can pin or tape a dollar to the walls, and they do!

It has become quite popular for children to color on dollar bills and business's to write their phone number on a bill, or several bills to post on the walls.

 Wren, AppleJac and Arrow joked and played around

while trying to decide how much money was on the walls. 

I was dealing with sugar issues due to diabetes. 

When we were through eating we took a stroll around the town square where a music festival was just wrapping up.

We saw the the #LegionTheater was hosting the play Bell, Book and Candle.


I remember that classic and love it.  

The kids were running around the outdoor stage

 and seating area while we surveyed the shops we passed.

I think both the kids were happy pushing the buttons to cross the streets.

AppleJac was the Street Police for the evening, making sure we only crossed on the crosswalk; explaining the law the whole way across the street.

We also looked at some strange and beautiful art work; of which I only have one picture; while we walked.

This particular piece of art is sort of a game or hidden and find segment.

We ended the night with Ice Cream

and I can honestly say it was the best anniversary ever. At least till next year.


We love to visit Cartersville and Calhoun when we are in Georgia because they're such active little community's with so much to do. Each month of the year they have something going on; festivals, fair, music in the square, etc. 







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