The World Through The Eyes Of SunshineLadybug

October 10, 2018



Hand a four year old a camera and you'll never view the world the same.


Everything becomes about her universe; as seen through her 👀eye's. 


For this little lady, her own face is a great source of entertainment when taking pictures.


She does not have any emotions or quips when it comes to presenting her family in pictures.


She grabs you as she sees you,


And then snaps a pic of herself; which leaves you no doubt what she's thinking. 

No one is safe. 

Even The Jac,


And her hair treatment are privy to the camera.


I know my boobs may seem like table mops in this picture, but I do have a hoist to bring them up.


Arrow, even found her mark.


How she manages to make us look so bad is a gift! A true gift!


She shoots it as it is, and 


This is how he is most days.


He is her go to person, so he gets special treatment.


She loves her Papa!


Of course he gets told about pictures so he can prep.


I'm clueless in the back; as usual.




The food I cook takes on new heights.


And she loves to help cook.


Then ask a million times when it will be done.


She's, AppleJac's, biggest fan; some days;


and Arrow's, or Cheeky's,


 on other's. 


Maybe not a Jac fan on this day.


She does not discriminate.


She photographs📷 what she loves.


Her house,


Her sister,


Of course anything @Disney with Minnie or Mickey Mouse,


Her Papa, and her cat Oliver,


Her family,


And of course, her pumpkin.


She loves the camera, and 


The camera📷 loves her.


She takes it everywhere.


She is becoming quite the photographer.


She goes to incredible depths for her picture's.


And yet she's still focused on family.


She's a great student and already preparing for her future as a photographer.


Hey! We love you!


Mostest Ghostest!


A four year old's view.




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