We are Black, Latino, Mulatto, American Indian, & Caucasian. "Family"

October 12, 2018


We are the same Ethnic Group but we are Different Races.

We are Black,






American Indian,


 & Caucasian.


We are one people


from one Nation, however we have different Mind's.


We are from different culture's


but we enjoy, and appreciate all culture's.


People have amazing stories.


We Disagree, we Agree, we Argue, we Discuss Our Problems and we Cry, but always, we LOVE EACH OTHER. We RESPECT each others opinions, even if we do not agree with them. 


We apologize. Always.


We accept apologys we receive. 


We may not like everything we're told, or everything that comes our way, but we handle it together. As a family, because that's what solves problems. 


Fighting solves nothing and divides us.  

We become a Prejudice Race of bigots. 

We become a divided Nation; a divided culture of different people.

Fighting simply, starts hatred, and war.


A Nation solve problems.

A People solve problems.

Cultural differences solve problems. 

FAMILY can solve any problem.


Our Very Differences are what make us So Very Str💪ng.

We just have to stand strong together. 




What a wonderful W🌎rld!





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