Five Reasons I Homeschool

October 20, 2018


Most parents I speak with are concerned about education, safety, or have children with illnesses that require a lot of time off from school and homeschool is easier. Each one of them have different reasons they homeschool their children but none in my opinion actually said what they were thinking.

I could see reasons on the faces of some parents; as they spoke; and hear it in the voices of others. They start to tell you; then with a quick flash of countenance; embarrassment, guilt, or fear;  they cut them selves off.

I don't know if this is due to society and trying to be politically correct or because they don't want anyone to view them as "angry". 

I simply know most people won't just come right out and own their truth.


For myself and my husband. We homeschool for FIVE REASONS.

  1. I'm allowing DEMENTED, TWISTED teachers to live, and I stay out of prison.


    These pictures are of cupcakes teachers smashed because they could not stand my child. They, also had no problem telling me on a recorded line how they felt about my child. After a long battle with the school board and school system. I decided the two teachers involved were going to get their ass me know more questions kicked, or my children were coming to homeschool.


    In the same year; a problem child; tripped my daughter and caused her to break her leg. Her psycho teacher made her walk on it to the nurses office; with his vast knowledge of Orthopedics, and sarcasm flying from his mouth; which caused it to break in 3 more places. She wore three cast all the way to the groin for 6 months. When done with all cast, she still had to wear an ankle brace for another month.  Another battle with the school system, several parent/teacher/principle meetings latter, and the end result was; teachers were RELOCATED to other local school in district, and my choice to homeschool or prison was made perfectly clear.



  2. Arrow has ADHD. He's wild. I love him and I can handle him. I will NEVER allow anyone to tell me drugs are good for my children. 


  3. If your child tries to Bully or hurt mine, and you; as a parent; do not correct it; I will hurt you. Which brings me back to 1. I get to stay out of prison.

  4. My mouth is unfiltered and I have no heart for the stupid. There are to many hateful, aspiring "perfect" people in this world and most of them compete for "Most Popular Parent" at the public and private schools. If your ignorance drags my family into your nefarious conversations; do not be offended, or hurt when I speak the truth about you and yours.

  5. Yes. If you've come to remonstrate about my family; 

                                       I'm an EVIL BITCH.

                                      or Witch. 


Makes no difference to me.






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