An Evening to Remember

October 29, 2018


Last night we went to a "Trunk or Treat" event. My family and I were so excited because the children love festivals, my husband just loves any family outing ; as do I; and it was a great story for my blog.

When we arrived the vendors were waving children over to pass out penny 🍬 candy and flyers for their companies. Hot Chocolate was poured like a fountain into cups for visitors and smores were made quickly for the growing crowd.

The line of people wrapped around the buildings and up the sidewalk. It was an incredible turnout. 


The movie screen was set up and playing "Charlie Brown Halloween" as people clambered around trying to find seats for the main feature, "Hocus Pocus".

The costumes were astounding and more than I expected had family themes. It was wonderful.




As we walked, we made our way to the bridge; which is where concerts usually take place. I heard the band and immediately became excited.


Forgive me, but I'm like a little kid around Folk, or Blue Grass music; especially a concert with that genre. At first, that's what I thought it was so my step was a little quicker. 

Instead, it was an extraordinary Christian Band,

and I found myself being drawn in with the upbeat tempo, and inspiring words that I knew from different churches we had visited. 

A gentleman stopped us to explain what was going on and I found myself only listening to the 🎶 music. I was so grateful this wonderful lady saved me by explaining everything again. 

This was "@The Anchor Ministries, Inc." and they were serving hot-dogs, french 🍟fries, fish, hush-puppies, and corn to everyone who came; no charge.

They gave us a ticket for a $200 raffle drawing and we set ourselves to peruse the activities. 

As the children finished eating, I listened to stories of courage abounding from such despair. Stories of people who continue to rebuild their lives from the most tragic of circumstances; brain injuries, illnesses, handicaps, depression, homelessness, death, or just lack of education.

Some we're just family of the afflicted, however so many more were there just because of the great music, food, and snicker eating contest.

This ministry brought a community together. It didn't matter what background they came from, they were there. That is something I have not seen in a very long time.




They; by far; were some of the kindest people quick to offer help, friendship, and more than willing to LISTEN 

We wandered back over by the costumes, and movie, but found ourselves drifting back to the beautiful music and friendly people.



It was so inviting and everyone spoke without fear or condemnation. It reminded me of a time when community cared for one another and united for the good of building up the life of another whom; for what ever reason; found suffering.

These people Cared.

The Anchor Ministries, Inc, founded by Bobby Lawrence,

is an Outreach Ministry that cross the boundaries of denominations and seeks only to help, and connect those in need, with instrumental organizations, social outreach programs, and more important, through Jesus.

It helps communities with periodic events; such as healthcare and social services; and puts into motion alliances with Pastors and community leaders to create safe neighborhoods and towns for everyone.

They rely on the help of community to continue their amazing work, and the support of everyone who is able. Of course donations are welcome because these incredible things require immense help.

All the VOLUNTEERS for each event are cherished and work incredibly hard to achieve a safe and inviting place to come together, as a community, for prayer and friendship.

As the evening began to wind down, and the winning ticket was called,

I found my emotions in a odd place. I'm not a gospel person, nor do I attend a a regular church, but I so much enjoyed the time spent with these people and I had taken more pictures than I could post. 

I was encouraged with everything this genuinely deserving ministry achieves and prayed they would acquire all the help and finances they need to help the remarkable people I met and spoke with, find there way back on top.


The music ended, my children helped pack up the chairs,

and we said our final goodbyes

with a new insight into this not so small town.



I ask everyone to remember that charity is a tax ride off, and everybody needs one. 

This is an exceptional organization to donate to with a worthy cause. If you are able, please pledge a contribution to this momentous ministry at


To find out more information about Anchor Ministries go to or follow on facebook at





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