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November 2, 2018


Well we made it through Hall🎃ween with minimal damage. Yeah!

Bu, Lu, and Sunshine were happy to Trick or Treat together. 

Precious Trio.

RE-2; the twins; were so cute dressed as Beauty and the Beast. Z said the beast came out after the first house so they called it quits.

This family tradition the children look forward to all year.

The kids looked amazing; everyone; even the older ones.

My Liebchens.

To get these pictures took many threats.

Dee, came bearing many gifts. Like Christmas. 

She gave the girls packs, purses, and shirts for their trip to #NewYork

They even got socks. Can we say carry on ready? 

This family does not check luggage.


A question asked of me often is are these two twins. 

No, they are cousins. It's simply a strange thing in our families. There not the only ones.


Wow! The weekend, no kids, #New York, and @TimBurtonWhat more could a girl ask for? 

They have a complete #NightmareBeforeChristmas ensemble. 

These two little witch's are set to go. 

#Adventurers away!

My beautiful sister. We're so proud to have her in the medical field. She has been an instrumental part of our family. 

Dee, and I drank tons of @CoreWater. The dehydration was crazy; at least for me. 

She gave me an awesome Breast Cancer Cup filled with goodies. I can't wait to use it.

James is our photo bomber in the back.

Apple🍎Jac decided she was not to old to dress up. 

Unsere kleine Schönheit.


Stay young little ones.


Cheeky, is still our @Disney pick. She is an incredibly beautiful, and talented actress.

Arrow our sweet Speedracer.

Arrow is our Handsome Hyperdrive. 

He spent most of the evening speaking with all the women.

Tori, our Captivating Enigma. The puzzle you just can't figure out no matter how hard you try. 

Stare to long into the abyss and you will go mad.

My Mom and my sister.

Our pick for Holidays VIP's. 

Everything they do to pull off a great holiday, and procure all our families in one place abrogates any worries we as a group may have. They are impressive visionaries, and a formidable team.

 Can't wait for Whats Next!

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