New York, City!

November 5, 2018


Well, it happened!

Nicki, and Stevie took New York, New York!

The Big Apple!

New York, city!

They were so excited! 

 Look at the plane napkin! Cancer awareness is everywhere! 

Now into November and diabetes awareness. 


This trip has been planed for over a year. 

They saved every penny they could find and pinched them to death.

Even a weekend away; when your a mom; takes months of preparation. 

With all the excitement of @Disney children, they arrived in New York.

@TheJaneHotel was an ominous and magnificent place to stay.

It brings to mind different movie scenes, such as #TheShining.

Can you guess the next one?

There was emphasis put into every detail in the lobby and throughout the building.

The room had padded walls; they were so home; and a key for energy conservation.

It was time re-wound.


Thanks to Uncle Craig, and Aunt Dee Dee, they were able to enjoy lunch at the famous @Sardi's.

It's so delicious.


Touring the town, and realizing; as adventurers; America is so very impressive.

 Guess this movie?

 Their rendition of "Coming to America."











There is so much to see in this fantastic, and sorrow filled city.


Dinner @TheBeetleHouse was a main attraction for the duo who are fond of @TimBurton.

 The drinks were to die for.

Of course we will always remember those valiant souls of 9/11, and all our brave service men and women.


In any city; as adventurers; you must be careful of the people who take advantage. Be wary of con artist, and hustlers. 

Even posing for a picture can empty your purse if you're not mindful.


What an imposing figure.

The #StatueofLiberty,

and, #EllisIsland

are majestic wonders to behold. Everyone who sojourns #NewYork,NewYork should patronize these places. 

So many of our forefathers bore the pain so we could enjoy the freedom.



You knew they would find the @ScreamingMimi's.


Wow! The New freedom tower,

dinner @Wolfgang's, the #HardRockCafeNewYorkCity,

and of course #CastleClinton

made this trip exceptional. 

Every skyscraper,

hot dog,

and, of course pizza from #Champion's

was worth the year wait to visit. They'll be back New York!


Thanks for a fantastic weekend.

Now onto the next adventure.



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