Homeschool Hell

November 9, 2018


Public schools suck! Everything about public schools suck, but homeschool can suck too. 

Not all the time, but on some days homeschools hell. 

Let me explain.










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  1. No substitute teachers. When you are ill, and need to do something personal; like the gynecologist, or oncologist; your screwed.



  2. My house stays a wreck; alot. I'm tired mentally after school and so are they. Cleaning doesn't happen everyday.


  4.  My china cabinet is covered in cursive letters, as is my walls. Dishes abound in my kitchen. 



  7. When the Scarecrow, Lion, and TinMan sit at my table, I yell alot. When they become #TeenTitans, I can break glass with my voice better than a opera singer, and soon I'll be able to join the #MLB with my pitching arm.


  9. If they do school on a phone or tablet; please people, they're kids; they do push the maybe baby and watch @Netflix or play 🎮 games. I have become a mentalist.

  10. Some days, little things just don't get done; like dressing. We stay in our pajamas. Neither does cooking. FFYS Night!



There are alot of "ffys", nights. (Fend For Your Self) which I invented during our first go round of children.

I survive on ☕ coffee. I drink it morning, noon, and night.


I use a Christmas Joy mug year round, just because.


Don't get me wrong; we love homeschool over public school hands down, but there are really sucky days too.


Alcohol is great for unwinding. @LvovVodka @VesicaVodka


I'm not advising becoming an alcoholic. However, one or two glasses of wine, or maybe a shot or two of something alcoholic


isn't going to make myself, or my husband a bad parent. 

Do drink responsibly.


I don't want to hear about perfect patty and her perfect pigeons everyday, or how parents just love the homeschool experience. I know for a fact everyday is not  a new joy for anyone. I've met some of your disrespectful kids. 

No one is perfect. 


The difference between myself and the other freakishly perfect parents is I don't lie about the madness.  

My children fear my wrath;


when needed; and know their school work better get done. They may be attitude adventurers, but certainly are refulgent with respect.


Perfect Priscilla's are the ones that are closet hookers, alcoholics, or worse.


I'll keep my messy, crazy,


 madd, strange,


 disheveled, wonderful life. 




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