Thanksgiving or ThanksForNothing

November 16, 2018


When you discuss Thanksgiving to your children what do you tell them? Do you teach how the Native Americans helped feed the pilgrams and taught them to survive? Do you tell them how thankful everyone was? How different cultures ate as one people?

Sure you do. A tale as old as time.



How about we teach some more truths. Teach children how "humane" all immigrants who have migrated to America; including our government; have been to it's indigenous people (Native Americans).



Teach your children about Land Grabs.




Teach them about the DAPL(Dakota Access Pipeline); 



which is such an environmental pleasure!



Teach the eradication of an entire ethnic group.




Then, teach them about withholding a basic American right: Voting. 



Then explain; in detail; why it's done. 

Teach your children why reservations need exsist for any reason.




Then after all of that; explain how the people and the government of this Nation are any different, or better than Hitler,


and his treatment of "racially undesirables."



Adolf Hitler's quote: 

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed." 


Happy Thanksgiving!


Stand with StandingRock  



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