November 22, 2018


Our lives are like people. Each one is very different.

As parents, grandparents, and children we learn from the the lives of those around us, as well as those that came before us. This helps us guide our offspring into the people we hope they will become.

We teach them to the best of our ability to walk, talk, ride bikes;

with training wheels first,

what to eat; @EdibleArrangements

are wonderful 

and a great fruit snack,

and to have respect, amity, and altruism for all life. 

For our families, Manners Matter. Everyone is taught the importance of family and we are extremely thankful for ours.

I'm a blogger, and my blogs are random. My #bloggerlife may not take me down the same road twice. I may go 10, maybe 5 times. However, I know our families; as we grow, change and through all adversities; will remain 💪 strong in our faiths, and always take the moral high ground. 

There is no excuse for ignorance.

At such a controversial time in history the few must lead the many. 

We choose to be the few.




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