Wow! Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2018


Coverge at Momma and Granddaddy's!

The holidays are in full swing from Halloween to New Year's.









Our families really know how to through a party!


No fancy sit down dinners. We eat as we come in, and it works perfect. No one is bothered with assigned seating, or awkward silences. Everyone is family,

and they know it. 


There are dishes of all kinds, and more meats than just a Turkey. Thats always wonderful. The desserts are enticing, and sit so pretty on the sideboard ready for everyone to dig in.

Our families say there blessings, and thanks before they arrive. We do this so we can enjoy our time with each other, and still respect our religious differences.


We welcome newcomers, and enjoy the jokes that run amok and rampant around the house. We laugh at ourselves,

and with each other. 

We hope the newcomers survive;

they usually end up staying forever.

We pour spirits,

sing, and dance

 then sing, and dance some more.

We laugh alot;

it's great for your health. We allow our children certain liberties,

knowing from past generation's 

that they will remain safe, and educated for future events, and people. 


The meaning and importance of family is taught from birth.

Love in our families is stronger than any adversities that may stand in our way.


We love a reason, 

or not  

to throw a party. 

We make the best REAL friends, however we are prepared for enmity, or malice.

So the next time you want to "burn a witch," think about the fun you could have if they considered you family.




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