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December 3, 2018


Im stirring clear of St. Francis Catholic Church and all church's. I'm allergic to hypocrites, and impiety is a communicable disease I DO NOT want to catch. 

Christmas IS NOT about giving and recieving presents. It's about giving and receiving love, kindness, and Grace.

It only takes 3 people to make a Church⛪. More than that, and you have a congregation.

Prayers are free.

Family is everything. Friends are important. 

Make your happiness, and make it count. 

Those beautiful faces are what make your world great.

Celebrate everything. Good or Bad.

If it hasn't put you in the grave, your stronger for it.

@ArborMist #ArborMist

It only takes a Second to build someone up.

It takes the same time to tear them down.

Life is fleeting. Choose your Seconds wisely.

Decorating and entertaining doesn't have to cost a fortune.

@TheDollarTree, @FamilyDollar, and @DollarGeneral have most things you need; cheap.

@BigLots too.

You dont need the forest in your home. You can decorate the big tree's out side. 

I prefer Artificial Tree's. They save real ones and last longer. 

Hold your precious moments close. Hold your babies closer. They're gone all to soon and memories are all your left with. Enjoy, and make the most out of every single SECOND

Seconds count.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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