Christmas Chaos

December 10, 2018



Monster feelings this time of year.


Christmas used to be one of my favorite holidays. 


The lights, cooking, setting up the tree,

the kids and their mad dash to get the best ornaments on, all meant alot to me.

I loved the smell of cinnamon in the store's and all the excitement our family had as we carried out each Christmas tradition. 





Our Christmas traditions are important. I want the children to remember them fondly. It's my hope, they pass down our traditions to their own children and create new ones.




I'm constantly told not to show my ass. However, mine looks very festive. So I will.

I'm not very reseptive to the idea of my children being manipulated by distant relatives. 


Especially ones that could not care if they were alive or dead; until they themselves are dying.

Your death is between you and GOD. 

NOT you and my family. 

Although I allowed the visit this once it will not happen again. 

I like to stear clear of bedlamites and people who make injudicious decisions are dangerous.

Christmas is supposed to be about remembrance, love, family, friends, and peace. Lets not forget to help those who are in need.


Life is to short to waste on bigots and people who are iniquitous. Christmas joy is found where you feel safe and happy.




Enjoy your Christmas! Bask in your Uniqueness.

Never let anyone make you feel guilty or shamed for being over protective or cautious.

Caution saves lives.


I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas

 and the happiest New Year.

We hope you load up on your loot and don't forget charity where it's needed.




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