Christmas Shopping and....Sleep

December 21, 2018



Its Christmas time!


We all want things for ourselves

or others


and if your not a skilled craftsman

more than likely you will be shopping.



We have birthdays around Christmas,

so we are no exception.

We haven't any time to recoup from birthdays

before Christmas is in full swing.



The children have so much fun from Halloween till Christmas! We, all enjoy our time together. Whether dancing, singing, 


skating, or visiting we enjoy the holidays.


The stores are swarming this time of year and parking is almost impossible to find.

My husband loves to point out the fact that you never see most of these people all year till Thanksgiving.

From Thanksgiving till Christmas its chaos.

Everyone loves @Amazon, and the @Walmart.


I always notice that instead of the best in people,

we see thier worst at holiday time.

It's sad really, considering what Christmas is supposed to mean.

Never the less anger, envy, and greed have become the view for most of the planet. 

I have hope, one day, people will remember the true meaning of Christmas.


As for our families: we all have different interpretations of Christmas. We are; after all; an eclectic bunch. From family dinners, movies, and

hanging a stocking for Jesus,

to our Christmas trees, the children put such love into.

Each family tradition is unique, personal, memorable and

not necessarily repeated verbatim every year.

My daughter and her family have their special traditions

and enjoy the mother, daughter shopping time together.

Of course, everyone has the children photographed with Santa!





Every year, our families head over to momma and granddaddy's for dinner and Christmas with Our Gang.  

Then home, and bed;


to await the arrival of St. Nicholas.


We hope you all have a great shopping experience and we hope your traditions are amazing!

We hope everyone remembers the true meaning of Christmas

and spreads that joy whenever and wherever you can.

We hope you are gifted with AMAZING family who are Saints to All,


as we are blessed with. 


From all of us at Wackidawen,

to all of you; have the best and Merriest of Christmas's and the happiest New Year!  





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