Not My First Rodeo

January 13, 2019


When my oldest daughters were growing up I decided to homeschool.

(My girls ages 11 and 13)



Work kept us on the road constantly and explaining why we had to keep changing schools was crazy. 


I home schooled when homeschool wasn't cool.


I have never done anything proper. Never done anything the way it should be done. I have always made my own way "work." Homeschooling was no exception.


Bob Jones University was my go to for some lessons, but "I" mostly followed my own path as far as teaching. My children study history in the place it was made. 

  • Gettysburg

  • Bull Run

  • Wounded Knee

  • Chickamauga

  • Chicago Fire

  • 1848 California Gold Rush

  • Boot Hill

  • Ellis Island


What better way to learn than being where history was made. We loved travel and road trips.


Now; several years later at ages 30 and 32; they are smart, knowledgeable, incredibly talented, mothers, great women, and still my babies.


I regret nothing about our homeschool experience. I'm so very thankful to have had that time with them and now the memories.



Cancer fucking sucks. I have no other words for it. It may have slowed me down this go round, but it will never stop me.

I am building more incredible memories on this journey along with my wonderful, and loving husband.


I'm so blessed and emotionally intoxicated with the love and support he gives.


My teaching is capricious. So is our lives. We love it.


My life does not revolve around ORDER.


Its chaotic: yet pleasantly peaceful.


We follow our own path.


I'm not saying life is always grand. 


I'm a REALEST and crap happens here.


I get angry sometimes and the Children Of The Corn are opinionated.

However, in the end we are Family, and whatever differences we have or adversities we face, we will always face them together.


All for one. 



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