A Cousins Love

January 24, 2019


My Niece, Lu, is so very much like her cousin, Arrow. They both have so much energy it's hard to pin them down. 


Their attention span doesn't exist, and trying to get them to quiet down is like asking a stampede to tiptoe. 


Lu and Bu love their cousins. They hate to be separated from them.

When time to go our separate ways (home), Lu, takes it hard. She wants everyone to stay together, forever.

I hope everyone knows the love our families have for one another. 

If you don't, create it! There is never a better time than the present to say, I love you.

You never know when it will be the last. "I apologize," is two small words with such a huge impact.


In this family, we won't say anything behind your back we would not say to your face, and the same thing is taught to our children. 


Words can hurt, heal, harm or help. 


We teach the results of the 4H's, as well as the 4L's (love , laugh, let go, and live).

Life is anything you make of it. Share it with family and friends, and enjoy every single minute.


So many memories are made at these precious ages.



Spend time with your babies. Enjoy their youth.


Let go of the worries and little things.


Because one day they will be grown.





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