My Husband the Martyr

January 27, 2019


A definition of martyr is:  a person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle a martyr to the cause of freedom.

My husband thinks he fits this description and SOMETIMES I want him to crawl up on his cross and nail himself to it.


He folds a load of clothes and sits due to exhaustion. Then proceeds to tell me how hard he works.

He summons the mighty "Hey Google" for all disputes ( because the internet is never wrong), and pouts like a toddler when he is wrong.


He has been disabled due to an Aortic Dissection, and Aortic Aneurysm which cost him 2 surgeries, as well as put him in the hospital for 2 months. 

He is limited forever in what he can do.

Yes. I DID feel the need to bend during his recovery, however now he needs to get somewhere.


He is the hardest working entrepreneur I know and he needs to go back to putting those talents to good use. 

As an Officiant he is called away to perform services which; thankfully; removes him from this house! 

More people need to call.


Making the adjustment to this new life has been hard on us all. 

My husband has taken to being my Woobie.


I already have 2. I'm not sure where to put him.


He is constantly cold, I'm going through menopause, and the kids are trying to stay; argumentatively; neutral. So, the thermostat is getting a work out, some days WAR is quieter and peace is a sci-fi movie we're waiting to become reality.


Don't get me wrong. I love my husband. 

He is a great husband, father, and grandfather.

I just agree with the Master Rule that we all need space. 

Even from each other. 


Keeping it real.



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