Five easy ways to make money

February 4, 2019


I'm so sick of seeing post with the words, "easy money" attached; or anything similar. There isn't any Easy Money

You have to work hard and FAIL alot to find success. Unless, you were born wealthy.

If it were easy, everyone would do it and be well off financially.


If you still want to find easy, fast ways to make money, here are my top picks. 

Please, be advised that you will experience Prison, lose money you already have, as well as what ever freedom you may now possess if you attempt the following.




You could Rob someone or some place.

Understand that if you choose to do this you will GO TO JAIL! You will not collect any money and you will assuredly see alot of uniforms. Freedom is not an option. Ever.





You could commit Fraud. Here again, you will be arrested and put in jail. Sentencing is tough and your freedom will be nil. All money obtained will have to be returned. No Freedom. Ever.




You could embezzle. However, once again you will GO TO PRISON for an extended period of time. All money must be returned. No Freedom: ever.




You could take a chance, and GIVE money to one of the thousands of scammers on the internet that can make, flip, or double your money. However, be advised that this method will deplete the funds you have and any obtained. YOU, could possibly be arrested. Still, No Freedom: ever.




Last; but not least; you could MARRY IT. Although, this way WILL NOT give you the freedom you think. You will be monitored, always. You may have access to money, but you Will Not be rich. If you leave the marriage, you leave the funding. No Freedom: ever.


After considering the options I hope everyone; as we do; understands that becoming financially successful takes extreme amounts of hard work, planning, dedication, and Failure. 

Without failure we can't become experienced in our fields. We are knowledgeable because our failures gave us that experience. Failure makes us experts when success enters.


We welcome failure because it leads to brilliant successes.


And remember....





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