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February 9, 2019



Apparently my last blog offended, confused, and angered a few people. 


Let me be frank for "those" people that read my blog and don't get it.


I don't fuckin care if you think its all over the place, unusual, or inappropriate. 

I'm unusual, inappropriate, Politically Incorrect, and my blog reflects all the random, unexpected events that happen in MY FAMILY'S LIFE. 



I don't tell you how to write your blog: so if your reading this you must enjoy mine. 


Don't forget to leave your email this time. The song and dance is getting old.


For all you Perfect Penny Mothers. Your fitness posts are great. KuKu for you! Proud of ya!

Don't invite me unless I ask (Not gonna happen) to join anything. 

We have Hot Ass Mamma's in Wackidawen too and they don't kill themselves to look that way. Its natural. That impresses me more.


I'm glad you all, found Jesus, found a way to smell clean, found fountains of youth, and (my favorite thing people pull) how to Take Money. 

Oh, sorry, Make Money.


I write about our families journey, and experiences my way. Random, unpredictable, crazy, fun, loving, emotional, adventurous, and OURS.


Our life is nothing like yours. Its incredible, awesome, fucked up, lovely, sick, wonderful and most of all filled with love, kindness, empathy, and understanding.


We don't homeschool your way. 

We are adventurers, and realize half the crap taught in public or private schools will never be used in the real world. We teach our children life, economics, stock, credit, and history; because it always seems to repeat. 

They read, and write because illiteracy is plain and simply ignorance. 

Our children are not stupid.


Wackidawen is not one person. WE'RE many families. 



You don't have to like us. But there again, you don't have to be here either.


If you read and relate; if your one of us; we welcome you, and thanks for reading. 

Welcome to Wackidawen!


Don't forget to leave your email. 





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