What the Hell! Reincarnation?

February 12, 2019



Do you believe in reincarnation?


By definition: a person or animal in whom a particular soul is believed to have been reborn. 

Or another definition is, a new version of something from the past.


The ladder is my preference. Anyway you look at it, this extraordinary resemblance is astounding. It definitely makes you want to take a closer look at the interesting theroy of soul transference.


In the picture below meet Lillian and her husband. She is an incredible lady from Denmark that migrated here with her parents when she was a child.


Her husband; as was custom back then; was chosen for her by her family. She never wanted to marry him and he knew it. It did not make for a good marriage. They fought constantly, and yet still produced 3 children. 


Meeting incredible controversy and antipathy aimed toward her, she eventually divorced him. 

The enmity that followed from the community was the reason she, and her children relocated to another state. 


Still she met adversities with understanding, success, and a joy that her new beginning was a blessing. This passion, and commitment to herself, as well as her children, propelled her to prosperity and her "Immortal" peace.


I say Immortal because it strikes me as to coincidental that these two women have so much in common.


They look very much alike, yet are seperated by about 80 years from Lillian's death to Nicki's birth. 

They both had their personal trials; Nicki is wiccan; to overcome and found success and happiness in following thier own vision of opulence.


Now a little note. 

These two women are not related in any way. Their families were not associated with one another.

So how did we come about the stories and picture? 

Janet, her granddaughter told me the stories. 

Janet was a good friend of mine till her death. Not only did she tell me all the stories, but she gave them to me to read. Her grandmother, Lillian, had wrote everything down in several diaries. 

Her entire life in diaries. It was amazing.


I believe we are all lead to people for a reason. What ever that reason may be, we intersect with certain people for a greater purpose. 


Lillian, and Nicki's story are similar. So are their faces. As a Wiccan, Nicki, other wiccans, and certain cultures can relate to soul transference or reincarnation. 

As a Christian I, myself, find it difficult to get behind. However, even I have to stop and scratch my head at this one and wonder.....


Maybe anythings possible.




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