Were Catching Hell!

February 19, 2019



This month it seems the hits to our health have been high.


Bu, broke her arm!

Cheeky, Sunshine, and Stevie have been sick with a 24hr virus. AppleJac & Arrow's asthma is flaring.

Z, has her hands full with sick twins. My sister is recovering from surgery, and her knee is still acting up. My mother has been under the weather, along with my father. I'm off kilter, as well as Wren, and Tori has made an emergency room visit.


I think the worst of all is poor little Lu.

She had surgery to correct her eye's.


I feel so very bad for my little precious. Nicki, said she was nervous.

Bu, was nervous for her too.

The love she has for her little sister is amazing. She held all her sisters woobies and waited with a worried heart.

Lu; only 3; had no idea what the procedure entailed, and was; as always; the courageous little soul.

According to Nicki, the surgery went well, but the aftermath was a horror show.


She woke up kicking, screaming, and gagging. The nurses had to hold her down to keep her from rubbing her eyes or jumping out of the bed. 

Nicki, had to get into the bed with her, and hold her; to calm her; while keeping her hands down away from her face. Her eyes were swollen, red, hurting, and bleeding. She couldn't see well, but finally realized it was her mother holding her, and speaking to her. 

Nicki, said she literally had bloody tears which; again; was a horror show.


All of this caused Bu, to start crying hysterically because  Lu, was screaming, and bleeding from the eyes, according to Nicki.


My sister and Craig; her husband; arrived as soon as Nicki, was in the bed with Lu, and for them to arrive at the hight of drama made it more nerve racking for everyone. 

Nicki, said the whole experience was terrible. We all agree.

Now home and finally sleeping, we all hope her recovery is fast. She looks so pitiful.

The surgery was a strain and emotional drain on her parents. No parent wants to see their child suffer, or in any kind of pain. 

Their hearts were broke, and that crack runs the length of our entire family. 


When the broken mend, so do we all. 




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