The Hits Just Keep Coming..Kohler's Disease

February 22, 2019


A couple of days after Lu's dramatic and stressful surgery. She took another blow to her small body. 


She, and her family had no time to recover from the first surgery when she fractured her foot climbing the small tree in their yard.


Nicki, once again, is devastated. 

She is nursing Bu, with a broke arm, Lu, recovering from eye surgery, and now back to hospital for Lu's fracture, which also required a cast. 

Even though the hits keep coming, Nicki, laughs with her kids and tries to see the light in everything. Because, as moms we know there will always be dark days, therefore sometimes we have to be the lighthouse.


Nicki, tried to make Lu, as comfortable as she could before the cast. She made her a homemade, wiccan crutch. James, laughed at it, and poked fun. Lu, didn't like using it.


She, also hasn't lost her sense of humor. She said she was going to fall down the stairs, and break her arm. That way she could throw burly James; her husband;

under the bus if people started asking questions.

So now all I can do is sing this song for him. 


Click on the link below:👇


Wheels on the Bus- Wackidawen Way  


The problem is not in the fracture itself, but in the disease that caused it. 

Lu has been diagnosed with a rare but hereditary disease called Kohler's Disease.


Its a condition, which causes the navicular bone in the foot to loose its blood supply temporarily and sustain a state of bone death, also called avascular necrosis. 

Scientists, and doctors are not sure what causes it; however, it is suspected that compressive forces during activities, and growth may impact, or be related. The blood supply generally returns, and the bone heals all on its own. The cycle is usually completed over a two year time frame, estimatedly. 


It can be a problem for a child because the bones are weak, it causes pain, limping, and your child will probably need treatment for it. 

However, the long term outlook is good. The prognosis they usally give says, they do not expect there to be problems with the foot as your child grows into adulthood. 


They treat Kohlers according to symptoms, which means that while your child is in pain, or limping, they can provide treatment to help with the discomfort. 

This usually requires the foot to be immobilized in either a cast or a boot.

You can use Tylenol or Motrin

for pain. 

The pain may come and go, as well as the limp. For this reason your doctor will help you decide; depending on the severity; if treatment is needed.


I pray for healing time. Get well quickly my family, and all who are suffering!





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