Here Kitty, Kitty

February 26, 2019


Stevie; my beautiful daughter; is the animal advocate for this entire family. No one else puts in as much time worrying about stray cats, and dogs as she does.


Since childhood Stevie, would bring me lost or abandoned animals. She, even found the animals that were orphaned.


This is how bears, opossum, squirrels, and deers ended up in our care till we could get them to the proper help.



She, is ever the rescuer. She, tries hard to place every pet with care.


Even ones she loves a great deal.


Animals, are not just pets in our family. They, are children.


Part of the family. Each one has a different personality, persona, temperment, but all have unconditional love.



That is what makes a dog, cat, or any other domestic pet great for a family. 

Note: I do say domestic, because I do belive that wild, or exotic animals belong in the habitats they are native to.


Not to be kept by mankind. Their temperments are different, and they react to situations of containment different, which usually makes them unsafe pets.


Leave the snakes, bears, dears, squirrels, and racoons in the woods.


Stevie, would own a farm if she could with every hurt, maimed, orphaned, or abandoned animal she could find wandering freely upon it.




She, picks them up from parking lots, parks and any place else she finds them. She never wants any animal to suffer.


Sometimes I think she relates better to animals than to people and thats a great thing for the helpless little creatures out there. Everyone needs someone on their side.



Losing a pet is hard, 


but never owning one is sad. The love of a pet is something every child and adult should experience. It's a connection you will never have with another person. People don't love unconditional. Animals do. 

Experience it.


They are potective, loving, rowdy, fun, playful, but most of all emotional. They need our love and care as much as we need them.



So the next time you think of letting your pet go think of what your doing. Giving up a child. Seperation anxiety is real for animals, also.


If your gonna get them, keep them, and love them, or don't get them at all.


Stevie, is not helping these babies alone.


She, also has her wonderful partner Stephen, who helps, and she is teaching her children to love and care for animals as much as she does.


I hope you get your farm Stevie. You really deserve one, and the lost and abandond would be neither anymore.









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