Lu's New Grove

February 26, 2019


Just a quick follow up to Lu's story.


As I wrote about previously, she fractured her foot due to Kholer's Disease. 

Every day since the cast was placed on her foot she has refused to walk on it due to intense pain. 

If you read the artical I wrote about Lu's fracture you know how irritating, and painful this can be (if you haven't had a chance to read the article, it's "The Hits Keep Coming" below.)

Lu's knee's have become red and very raw due to continued crawling upon the floor.


She wouldn't even try to walk with the crutch Nicki, made or with Nicki's, assistance.



Distressed over Lu's, plight, Nicki, came up with the most wonderful solution.

She, constructed a walking device, just to Lu's, size, that she could balance her weight on.


It's constructed out of PVC pipe, and to ensure that the glide across the floor was easy, she placed tennis balls on the PVC pipe that operated as feet.


The walker alleviated most of the pressure she felt on the foot.

Nicki's homemade device turned out perfect for Lu, and she loved it! She was up and walking around, finally!


A little imagination goes a long way. 

Lu, asked for Nicki to paint it pink, and of course her mommy did.





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